Diane Gold

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Diane Gold has always worked on creating an environment that will facilitate the people in it. She has created a turntable mixing program for emotionally disturbed teens in a NYS school system; cloned the program for developmentally challenged. In 1986, she developed a classroom environment that School of Rock, years later, emulated where special students played rock and roll, motown or jazz, etc. She is the mother of  two, the ultimate gift. She focuses on teaching people to see the beauty and the power within and without (violence).

Profile and Credentials

  • founder, Warriors Of Weight: Turning Habits Into Health, 2011
  • producer, Tai Chi Music For Meditation album, 2011
  • business developer- green lighting technology, 2008-present
  • Earthdance, Boca producer, 2008
  • World Tai Chi and Chi Kung Day producer, 2000-present
  • owner, martial arts/personal growth studio, 1996-present
  • owner, music school for piano and basics, 1983-1995
  • veteran martial artist/music educator
  • 3rd degree, Fu-Jow Pai (tiger claw) kung fu
  • certified tai chi instructor
  • participating producer, Very Special Arts, 1980
  • education at NYU, music education/music therapy


  • we are all inherently good.
  • waking up with gratitude is a good thing.
  • we (individually and collectively) are worth working at.
  • it is our job to enhance ourselves daily.
  • it is our job to take time for ourselves.
  • if we take time to rejuvenate, we will become powerful and wise.
  • if we have faith in ourselves, we will become faithful.


  • Goals

    To be joyous through stillness so that wisdom may come.

    To design my life to make my first choice all day, every day.

    To set the precedents:

  • to develop corporate tai chi standard in every school and business,
  • to educate the masses that daily personal work is important to the harmony of our planet.
  • To provide global training in corporate tai chi and daily personal work.

    To continue to live long and prosper.