Mission Statement

The true mission of THE POWER OF ACTION: THE DIANE PLAN has to do with choosing your position through positive action and remembering your good fortune in the meantime. It is a simple, motivational process that will assist you in guiding yourself ONE STEP UP. Its purpose is to take you to a place where you share gratitude for the gifts of this life, whether they have been self-made or thrown upon you.

The goal is to celebrate what is valuable within you so you can employ your belief in your own personal value to go ONE STEP UP, to motivate you toward new personal success, empowerment, freedom, self-sufficiency and independent choice. When you recognize your abilities, you recognize our process.

THE POWER OF ACTION: THE DIANE PLAN aspires to become an international avenue for anyone at anytime, your simple toolbox of inspiration that, I hope, will become your playground in progress, richness, joy and entertainment.

If you do similar work within this genre, please do not hesitate to say hello. Email us anytime at doitnow@dianegold.com.