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Boca Raton Tai Chi

Boca Raton World Tai Chi Day,
Saturday, April 26, 2014

Boca Raton will house World Tai Chi Day for the 15th year in a row.
Organized by Diane Gold of The Kung Fu Conservatory,
community members of all ages are invited to join us this Saturday at
10:00 AM local time in Sanborn Square, 72 N. Federal Highway, 33432.
Sunblock or a sun visor may be a good idea.
Click HERE for a map to the park.

In Boca, it lasts for one or two hours, where we do delicious, liquid movement
for the purpose of having all participants experience joint, muscle, mind relaxation
as well as a experience a medium with lasting health
benefits, so vast, so simple.

In Czech Republic, my good friend's event lasts all day!

World Tai Chi And Chi Kung Day is a yearly event that takes place internationally.
About 500 organizers, wordlwide, put together events of various sizes in which they
gather in parks, schools, stadiums and studios to do tai chi and chi kung.
There is no definite statistic as to how many people participate, but...
there are hundreds of thousands and probably one million.

The event usually begins at 10 AM local time zone, and begins in
New Zealand, or thereabouts, through 24 time zones to Hawaii, or thereabouts.
The mission is to educate, heal and create harmony; and there is usually no charge.
There is no charge in Boca Raton, all ages and physical conditions attend.
We wear loose clothing, and we train in an outside venue.
Come on down if you feel like having a powerful experience with little effort!

For more info, call 866 [445] 2121.

tai chi

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Martial Arts Heart

Martial Arts Heart

For many years, I have been wrestling with the idea about whether it is acceptable for someone to teach kung fu who has not been raised in the kung fu tradition. You are absolutely right on that there are many people "no less sincere in their effort to help others" who have not endured the traditional road.

I am concluding, of late, that it

is far better to create good and positive energy in this world than not to do it. Since the purpose of kung fu is to be a humble and helpful human being and to establish peace, I do accept all those who teach from wherever they learned. I do believe they need a good 10 years of training before embarking out to teach. I used to say 20. Of course, teaching what we want to learn is always the way.

Have you ever known someone who knows how to create technique 1, 2, 3 in response to many an aggressive action but does not know how to show kindness, temper the spirit in adversity or show humility and compassion when challenged? The 3 points I mention are the true qualities of kung fu. If these are missing, there is no kung fu. Many who do "tai chi for health" possess the 3 qualities I mention.

Conclusion: qualities of humanity are first, not physical prowess. True, if we lose your life from inability to subdue our attacker, we can no longer use embody the principles. So, there is a delicate balance.
For this reason, long term training is important.

Best wishes, Teacher D

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by Diane Gold
on April, 2012

...Tai chi, chi kung and other mind/body training teach us self-cultivation. Alone, the training can make us remarkably well-tuned, aware and healthy. However, we may classify it as the “what’s in it for me” attitude if we don’t take it further. With continual training, the true goal of mind/body teachings – to inspire, cultivate and motivate change for humanity – is realized and embodied. When people dabble, they rarely learn this true purpose.

...What’s bigger about it than just doing tai chi and chi kung as a group is how it can make change. Although it introduces people to tai chi and chi kung that can heal our bodies, minds and spirits; the real treasure that most people don’t get to, because they see it as an exercise program, is that the strength and understanding we get from the program gives us the power and the incentive to do good. If we stop at fixing our arthritis, our weight or our mental stability; the world is still better off because we are better human beings from the training. But, that is small scale. If, however, we take it to the next level, which comes with “time, experience and inner balance,” we will find it our duty to take humanitarian action to cause and be change.

To see the entire article, go to: Change The World.

A Magical Display Of Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Chi Kung cited as medically important
by Roger Walsh, Psychiatrist/PhD
in his lecture at University of California, Irvine
Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes and health
and how their importance has been undervalued.


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World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day, Boca Raton, 2011
with Diane Gold

Imagine from Herbie Hancock's Album

The Imagine Project is an album by Herbie Hancock,
recorded in many locations throughout the world,
featuring collaborations from various artists
including Hancock, Pink, Seal, Jeff Beck, India Arie, Oumou Ssangare, many more.
Indicative of Hancock's cross-cultural interpretations,
this track, , was inspired by the Congolese group, Konono No. 1.

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