Our Democratic United States

United States Election Night Pride 2012!
Long Live The United States Of America
And Freedom Of Choice!

As I watched the election coverage last night, I recalled my parents doing the same thing multiple times, even though I didn't see what it signified. I finally understood why they showed such interest in how many people in what counties and states, districts and communities supported which candidates and propositions.

For the first time, I felt the same pride my parents must have felt:
the joy of living in a country with the most political and personal freedom in the world, our greatest trait and the quality about our country
for which I am most grateful and feel most fortunate.

We all have the freedom to express what we see as injustice:
by writing about it, by gathering in groups to discuss it, by singing about it and creating other artistic expression about it, by marching about it, by sitting about it. We have the freedom to live where we want and do what we want as long as we do not jeopardize our nation's security,
which is justified by those of us citizens and residents who care about the stability and safety of our great United States.

Now is the time to pull together in the spirit of unity. We must work on understanding our sisters and brothers both locally and internationally who have different beliefs than we. After all, we all have the freedom to believe what we believe.

Let us grow together and lead the world in compassion, community and collective generosity at the same time as we maintain the security through wisdom of our great nation. Let us use the best we have to improve our economy, reform our education, celebrate our creativity and revamp the way we strategize the use of our natural and man-made resources. Let us be the greatest that we have ever been.

With love and hope,
Diane Gold