New Beginnings 12-12-12

Transformative thinking, revolutionary creation, evolutionary socialization and invaluable humanitarian change makers, most people in the free world can participate, using tools from the right thinking of the open source world.
Every day, more and more people are learning and sharing due to our informational reach.

Because many of us see that there is injustice, both in nations of oppression, where citizens would be severely punished for speaking, and in locations of the highest regard for freedom where citizens can speak about it, protest about it, write and create about it; there are an infinite amount of movements to right this wrong.

Change Across The PlanetBecause we want to cause peaceful righteousness to happen; the rise of change makers through alternative methods for healing, balancing and strengthening, medicine wo/men with varying procedural orientations, new systems for disseminating truthful, unencumbered, information (not financially dependent upon sponsor approval)and plain old stores, is upon us.

Why don't we all, as humans, look at preventing a global disaster for our sisters or brothers, such as Fukushima Daiishi?

The answer, I'm afraid, is that radiation is not currently in our face, eating our flesh. It is only contaminating a few fish on the west side of our country.

In the energy efficient lighting space, I have watched as many private and public concerns, large and small, government and not, choose NOT to save money instantly by changing to a new, more efficient, less psychologically damaging lighting systems. The hesitation to change came from the same place as neighbors' not helping each other except in crisis: people couldn't see "what's in it for me" clearly, because of the upfront lighting costs, which would have been absorbed by the savings from the new lights.

The status quo remains the same. Imminent disaster makes us move. We are blind to the plight of our own world until a disastrous occurrence arises. If there is any chance of a volcanic eruption around the Fukushima Daiichi Facility, that radiation specialists conclude could irradiate the planet, isn't this a large enough "what's in it for me?"