American Freedom

September 11, 2001 represents a day when we all got a chance to believe in FREEDOM.
Many lost loved ones and colleagues. We all lost our emergency rescue workers.
For the most part, the world got closer on that day, to better understanding
the plight of people who are the minority. We all had to learn tolerance.

Every day, we, in the United States, strive for FREEDOM,
to be treated with equality and respect, to have enough FREEDOM
to access education, nutrition, stability and our own creativity.
Some of us have no financial freedom; others suffer from emotional lack of freedom.

What we have the most of in our country is the ability
to choose our own path of work, worship, family.
We also have the ability to speak out about the wrongs,
the limitations, the restrictions that we have.
We can write it, dance it, sing it and gather about it.
Yes, there are always repercussions for making ourselves heard.
Some people won't like us; others won't hire us and, finally, we may stand alone.
We always have the right, though. And most of the time, we stand together.
That is our great United States.
Let us work on peace for the sake of those lost on September 11, 2001
and those saved. Let us continue to work on TOLERANCE.
How lucky to be part of this great country, not perfect, but the best.