Boca Raton Tai Chi

Boca Raton World Tai Chi Day,
Saturday, April 27, 2013

Boca Raton will house World Tai Chi Day for the 14th year in a row.
Organized by Diane Gold of The Kung Fu Conservatory,
community members of all ages are invited to join us at
10:00 AM local time in Sanborn Square, 72 N. Federal Highway, 33432.
Sunblock or a sun visor may be a good idea.

In Boca, it lasts for one or two hours, where we do delicious, liquid movement
for the purpose of having all participants experience joint, muscle, mind relaxation
as well as a experience a medium with lasting health benefits, so vast, so simple.

In Czech Republic, my good friend's event lasts all day!

World Tai Chi And Chi Kung Day is a yearly event that takes place internationally.
About 300 organizers, wordlwide, put together events of various sizes in which they
gather in parks, schools, stadiums and studios to do tai chi and chi kung.
There is no definite statistic as to how many people participate, but...
there are hundreds of thousands and maybe one million.

The event usually begins at 10 AM local time zone, and begins in
New Zealand, or thereabouts, through 24 time zones to Hawaii, or thereabouts.
The mission is to educate, heal and create harmony; and there is usually no charge.
There is no charge in Boca Raton, all ages and physical conditions attend.
We wear loose clothing, and we train in an outside venue.
Come on down if you feel like having a powerful experience with little effort!

For more info, call 866 [445] 2121.

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