American Flag


This day, September 11, 2012, commemmorates how we have learned to live together. Not just Americans, but all people, in country and around the world.

Aside from mourning the lives that were lost 11 years ago, on this day, we should take the day to look at what we have accomplished in the amount of hate that has been reduced, the harmony that has been created, the peaceful negotiations that have brought us closer together as a people.

But are we more tolerant. Yes, as a whole, we are more tolerant because we have the Millenials and the iGen born after the year 2000, who have been raised in communities and homes that are multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-family. No longer is it normal to have a one race classroom, parents who have never divorced, an al heterosexual roll call and students who speak only one language. Our boundaries of tolerance have changed and grown. At least for the younger generations and forward.

Let us take this day to be tolerant, even though it is almost impossible in light of loss. In the great United States of America, this is our only homeland war since we became one united nation. Other countries have homeland wars for hundreds if not thousands of years. Let it be the last that touches American soil through tolerance and not through hatred.

Study peace for the sake of our human survival. Flower Child For Peace