Pepsi Grant for Stress/ADHD Relief Project: To Benefit Humanity

1.... We are up for a grant to:
Develop stress and ADHD relief programs in 50 US schools and offices.

2.... This grant is awarded through public votes only.
There are 3 METHODS OF VOTING, each allowed daily:

Method 1: You can go here to Sign Up To Vote NOW - January 31.
This counts as 1 vote for the day.

Method 2: You can text daily, too. Input Number: 73774. Message is: 105534.
This counts as an extra vote each day.

Method 3: Facebook app here.
When you get to that page, you have to click "like" at the top.
Then, input "Stress/ADHD" to find this project. Then, VOTE.
This counts as an extra vote each day.

Thank you so much for your support!