Diane Gold

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Profile and Credentials

  • 24 years of martial arts training
  • Rank: Third Degree, Fu-Jow Pai (Tiger Claw Kung Fu), under Sifu Duran
  • Certified Tai Chi Instructor
  • Master's Degree in Music Therapy
  • Chief Operator & Marketing Director of martial arts school, 1996-present
  • Chief Operator of music school, 1983-1995

  • Philosophy and Quotes

    Be joyous through stillness, and light will come.

    Design your life to make your first choices all day, every day.

    I wish to set a precedent: making corporate tai chi standard in every business as an elevator in a skyscraper. It is important to me to demonstrate how tai chi improves corporate productivity, loyalty, self-esteem, cooperation, harmony & health.

    My other main objective deals with introducing people to the necessity of daily personal development involving tai chi, kung fu or chi kung. The second part of this goal provides the training to make these a reality.